Ever used a Sports App before?

You probably lost your patience even before you started to use it.

Complex menus and tricky control panels, excessive use of voice guidance and a big waste of mobile data, in short the opposite of simplicity.

GOcardio was born to answer this question: does an app should be necessary complex?

No, it doesn’t,  and that’s where GOcardio fits in.

GOcardio breaks the wall of complexity and goes in direction of simplicity.

Using GOcardio you just need to open the app and you are immediately ready: when the icon “GO” lights up, you can star your workout!

GOcardio has a smart and intuitive control panel: you have just 6 icons to configure at best your sports app .

GOcardio is:

  • FREE, no premium or pro versions.
  • EASY, because you can immediately use it.
  • MULTISPORT, because you can use it both riding a bike or running, but also to workout in your gym.

Free Forever

GOcardio is the mobile App for your favorite sport, fitness or free time.

No costs, no extra fees, no pro version: GOcardio is yours, free forever!

Come in GOcardio‘s world and enjoy a unique experience!

Just Complete

GOcardio has functions and features that will fit with your favorite sports.

Running outdoor or on the tapis roulant, cardio exercises on the beach or in the gym? Choose your workout and GOcardio will be your personal assistant: data and graphs are immediately available on your smartphone after your workout. You can look at your data also with your computer by logging to your personal section on the gocardio website.

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